Parrot Chop


There is no real recipe for making chop, it's all about making food in a large batch and then freezing it in single day serving sizes. And because the produce is finely chopped in a food processor, parrots are not able to pick out and eat their favourite things. Even picky eaters get a much

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Fruit Loaf


550g wholemeal bread flour 350ml warm water or herbal tea 1 ripe banana 1 cup sultanas (or substitute the above for any bird safe fruits of your choice)   Place flour, fruits and some of the liquid into a mixer and give it a good blitz, add more liquid as needed, it needs to be

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Sweet Potato Balls


1 Large sweet potato Parsley Oatmeal flakes 1 cup of Quinoa 2 Carrots 1 tbs Millet 1 tbs Hemp Peel the carrots and sweet potato, boil them until soft, once done cook the quinoa in the boiling water that you used to cook the carrots and sweet potato, cover and simmer for roughly 15 minutes.

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Parrot Ice Pops


Make a cup of fruit herbal tea and let it cool (make sure it's one that's parrot safe) once cooled, pour into an ice cube tray and add a piece of fruit that's safe for parrots. Cut a lollipop stick or a spatula in half and push it into the fruit, pop the filled ice

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