Pictorial guide to safe wood for parrots which can be found easily in the UK

One of the cheapest ways to entertain your bird is to offer them fresh non-toxic branches. They get so much joy out of stripping the bark, chewing the leaves and shredding the wood. In the process they achieve a real sense of accomplishment, and also a real sense of what it’s like to be a bird. Granted they do make a bit of a mess in the process but it’s an easy mess to clear up afterwards and once you see how busy they are and how happy it makes them you won’t care.

People often ask what type of branches to offer their birds or what are safe for birds to chew or to use for toys and perches.

Birds love to chew fresh branches at any time of the year. Stripping off the bark and chewing the leaves is one of life’s simple pleasures.

The following trees are non-toxic and considered to be safe for your birds’ perches and toys. Don’t use branches that have been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Branches growing near the street or roads should not be used as they may have been contaminated with exhaust fumes from cars.