So you want to buy a Parrot?

You may be shocked to find that inviting a feathered friend/companion into your life may require a few lifestyle and home changes on your behalf.

You may need new cookware. Teflon or non-stick cookware can be fatal to parrots. The coating gives off an odourless fume when heated that can kill a bird within minutes. This means that any non-stick cookware you may own will have to go, and you will need to invest in pots and pans made of stainless steel or another safe substance.

Say goodbye to candles and air fresheners. As with the Teflon and other fumes, scented candles, scented oils, and air fresheners can all pose a health hazard when you use them around your pet.

Parrots have extremely sensitive respiratory systems and are easily overcome by chemicals and fumes.

As well as cleaning products.. no smoking in the house. You guessed it …..cigarette smoke is just as bad for your parrot as it is for you, in fact worse. If you do choose to use tobacco products, use them outside away from your parrot to keep him safe and healthy and always wash your hands, change your clothes before handling your parrot after having a cigarette , also remember that you should not talk to or breathe near your parrot for around 30-60 minutes after smoking a cigarette because the nicotine will still be on your breath and in your lungs!

Plan on waking up early. Parrots will wake up with the sun each morning, and they are ready to start their days bright and early. They will expect you to do the same. Be prepared to adjust your sleep schedule as needed to accommodate your feathered friend. Your parrot will need his breakfast soon after waking, and you’ll have to be there to serve it.

Invest in a really good vacuum. Parrots are quite messy, to put it lightly. In many cases, you will need to sweep or vacuum a few times daily to keep up with the constant flow of seed hulls and other debris that will accumulate around their cage. Be sure that you are up to this task before bringing a parrot into your home.

You may have to get rid of some of your houseplants. Many commonly kept houseplants may be toxic and could kill your parrot if he eats them. You will need to find new homes for them before you adopt your feathered friend. You will need to watch what you wear.

Parrots are naturally attracted to shiny objects, which makes things like jewellery great targets. You may need to take these off before handling your parrot, to protect them, yourself, and your items. Also, you should be prepared to lose many buttons to your feathered friend, and not be precious about your clothes in general.