1. Sagging of the Wings
If your poor parrot is feeling overheated and seriously uncomfortable, his wings may take on a sagging and listless stance — away from his body. This may be his natural reaction to the heat, as the parrot may adopt this position as a way of eliminating the direct contact between his body and his wings — and therefore feeling instantly cooler.

2. Panting
One sign of overheating that may be rather conspicuous is panting. If your parrot appears to be panting, or at least breathing with his mouth ajar, it’s probably an indication that something’s amiss. Since parrots are incapable of perspiring for cooling purposes, they frequently turn to panting behaviors.

3. Equilibrium Issues
When a parrot seems to have sudden problems with his body’s equilibrium, overheating is sometimes to blame. Dizziness may also occur. If your bird’s bodily coordination seems to have gone out of the window, it’s time to investigate the possibility of heatstroke — no time to wait around.