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Please note that applications are temporarily suspended over the festive period, and we shall resume from 11th of January onwards. Thank you for your patience, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Posted by IainPTS on 2020-12-19


Hello, my name is Maisie, I am a gorgeous young 10 year blue & gold macaw.

I am currently looking for a new home where I can be absolutely spoiled and be the pampered princess. I am a gorgeous girl and just want a forever home with all the love and attention you have to offer.

You will notice I pluck my feathers, however people say this makes me even more special. It is just a habit I have got myself in to. I love my food, nice warm porridge, occasional boiled egg, fruit, tidymix but I sometimes need a bit of persuading with veggies and will throw them if I am in a bit of a strop! And I really don’t like carrots much! I do like some nice treats like brazils, walnuts and almonds.

I love being out my cage with plenty of space as I can fly! I love to stretch my wings! But I am also happy sitting watching the TV and listening to music! I love music and try to join in when my foster mum sings to me! It makes me giggle too.

My ideal home would have no children, as I am not a fan of them at all and I would rather be with people who have experience with macaws or other large parrots. I especially like females as I love to play with their hair. I’m quite a demanding girl so would like to be the only animal in the house. I don’t like cats and yell and scream at them. Dogs I tolerate just...depending on what they are. They must be kept away from me and need to know their place. I really am a high maintenance girl but gorgeous with it.

If you think you can offer me all the time, attention and love you have to offer as well as a great diet and be willing to put up with my usual macaw tendencies then please complete an application form. After that one of the human folk from Parrot Trust Scotland will get in touch. Claw wave for now!

Posted by IainPTS on 2020-11-22


I am a handsome 30 year old Blue & Gold Macaw who is very much loved but looking for a new wonderful, warm and quiet home as I get older.

Like all parrots I really benefit from a good daily routine, with a goodnight sleep of 12 hours. Luckily for me my routine involves several naps throughout the day and taking myself away for some quiet time when I feel I need it. I like most foods providing they are full of flavour, so I may put your chop making skills to the test. I really enjoy a variety of foods and having some fruit and vegetable snacks throughout the day. I’m not a huge fan of parrot toys, instead I would much rather play with cardboard boxes and wood, so you will need to know what wood is safe for parrots and have access to plenty of it for me to destroy.

My new home should be an adult only home, ideally with a male as my main caretaker.

If you can provide me with a loving home where I will receive lots of attention, a good routine and the tastiest food then please complete an application for and one of the team from Parrot Trust Scotland will get in touch.

Posted by IainPTS on 2020-10-24